Accordion Issues - Yay, a new accordion specialty shop here in Philadelphia!
Augusta Heritage Center - Summer courses in traditional music and arts
BAM Cases - Euro style cases for violins and other instruments
Banjo Web Sites - Links to banjo web sites
Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music
Brian Cohen - Builder of guitars and other instruments in England
Button Box - Concertina and accordion sales & repairs
C. F. Martin & Co. - America's famous guitar maker
Coda Bow
D'Addario & Co. - Strings for fretted and violin family instruments
Dakota Dave Hull - Classic American Guitar
Deering Banjo Company - Banjos! including the Goodtime instruments
Dell 'Arte Guitars - Handmade guitars for jazz and blues
Elixir Strings - Long lasting coated fretted instrument strings
Ernie Ball Strings - Strings for fretted instruments
EZ Folk - An instructional website for guitar and banjo, mostly geared towards beginners
Fred Oster & The Antiques Roadshow
Gold Tone Factory Tour - See how Gold Tone Banjos are set up!
Gold-Tone Banjos - "World's Best Value in a Quality Banjo"
Guitar Parts - Lots of great vintage guitar parts
Harmony Guitars database - Really fun, interesting & informative Harmony guitar history web site
Heritage Insurance Services
Hoyer Guitars - This is fun Hoyer stuff!
Instrument Recovery Service
Intellitouch Tuners - Unique tuner for violins and other stringed instruments
Intermountain Guitar - Our friends in Utah, another source for fretted acoustics
John Pearse Strings & Instruments - John Pearse strings and instruments
Kala Ukuleles - Call in sick today and play a uke instead.
Knutsen Instruments - Wonderful new site about Knutsen instruments
Korg - Tuners and metronomes for fretted and violin family instruments
Kyser - Capos and accessories for fretted instruments
Larrivee Guitars in Canada - Canadian manufacturer of fine guitars
Mandolin Cafe
Marc Silber Music - Maker of fine classical & flamenco guitars
Martin Talk Forum - Site for martin & other guitar discussions
Mugwumps - History etc. of American banjo, mandolin and guitar makers
Musafia - Fine violin cases in many styles and colors
Museum of Musical Instrument - Online exhibition of important fretted instruments
Musical America - International Directory of the Performing Arts
National Assoc. Prof. Band Instrument Repair Technicians - Great resource for info about training, and professional isuses.
National Reso-phonic Guitars, Inc.
Old Time Herald
Ophicleide Information - Many things you always wanted to know. Nice discography!
Philadelphia Folk Song Society
Players Vintage Instruments in Inverness, California - Similar name, but no relation.
Rod Fudge - Pump Organ Restorations
Sabine Tuners - Tuners for your fine instruments
Shaak Bows - Violin bows by Elizabeth Van der Shaak
Stewart MacDonald - Parts and luthiers supplies
Stewart Port - Luthier
Stolen Instruments - Report and check for stolen instruments
Strad Magazine Directory - Directory of shops, luthiers, schools etc. worldwide
Strings Magazine Directory - Directory of shops, luthiers, schools etc. worldwide
Super Sensitive Strings - Strings and accessories for violin family instruments
The Classical Guitar Store - Philadelphia's Classical Guitar specialists
Thomastik-Infeld Strings - Makers of Dominant, Spirocore, Superflexible, and other strings
TKL Cases - American made cases for guitars and other instruments
Ukulele Fun - Thorough reviews, courses, chord charts, pointers on many different topics
Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum - A fabulous site for uke music & history information
Vintage Guitar Magazine
Vintage Guitar Magazine
Virtuoso Polish & Cleaner - Fine Polish & Cleaner for your Fine Instruments
Weber Mandolins