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Nuss Family Sax Band
Oboes & Bassoons
1. Harmonicor, LOUIS JULIEN JAULIN, 1860s, A rare & delightfully eccentric instrument patented Dec. 31, 1861 by Louis Jaulin of Paris. The Harmonicor has been said to sound like an oboe. The double reeds lend it a refined concertina sound. We have seen a few of these over the years and there are variations among them. This version has 25 piston valves arranged in keyboard fashion, 15 with cream colored buttons and 10 with brown buttons The body is rosewood. Five of the valve buttons are missing and seven are badly chipped. There is a short brace missing between the bell and the tubing, and the metal ring at the end of the wooden body closest to the mouthpiece is also missing. There are a few fine cracks at the end where that missing ring should be. The bocal is present. The original wooden case is included. (Our #32413) $1,000.
Clarinets with Block Mounts
2. Clarinet in C, ASHTON, JOHN, Boston, 1825-33, A boxwood Clarinet in C with five round brass keys stamped J. ASHTON/BOSTON on all the joints. The length from the top of the barrel to the bottom of the bell is 534mm. Old pewter mouthpiece included. The bell is cracked, the rings at the top of the barrel & the bell are missing, and it needs new key pads and joint wraps. (Our #24861) $650.
Clarinets with Post Mounted Keys, Simple or Albert System
3. Clarinet in A, JEROME THIBOUVILLE-LAM, c.1900, A grenadilla Albert system Clarinet in A with nickel-silver keys and black bakelite rollers, marked LP (Low Pitch - or A=440). It is missing two keys, needs, pads and corks, and has an old pinned crack in the barrel. Length 634mm to the top of the barrel. No case. (Our #31727) $100.
Clarinets 20th Century Boehm System
4. Clarinet, BUFFET, 1946-47, A Boehm system grenadilla clarinet in Bb with a non-original bell and one poorly pinned crack in the middle joint. Needs a complete overhaul. (Our #24839) $125.
5. Clarinet in Bb, BUFFET, Boehm system, 1936, A Boehm system grenadilla Clarinet in Bb. There is a nicely repaired pinned crack in upper mid joint. Case is included. (Our #24949) $450.
6. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE & SCHAEFFER, France, A Boehm system grenadilla Clarinet in Bb with nickel keys. No evident cracks and in very good playing condition, though with older pads. The sounding length is 598mm. (Our #24851) $350.
7. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE & SCHAEFFER/BUFFET-CRAMPON, Paris, early 1950's, A Boehm system grenadilla Clarinet in Bb. In playable condition though with old pads. The original case is included. (Our #24947) $275.
8. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE/BUFFET-CRAMPON, Paris, A Boehm system grenadilla Clarinet in Bb. In playable condition, though with old pads. The original case is incldued. (Our #24950) $200.
9. Clarinet in A, PENZEL MUELLER, New York, A Boehm system grenadilla Clarinet in A with nickel silver keys. The clarinet is marked LP indicating that it is low pitch (or A=440). The body is of one-piece with a wrap around octave key, old-style thick ring (doughnut key). It is missing two keys (the lowest left hand pinkie keys), has no barrel or bell or case, and the old pads and corks need to be replaced. (Our #W7052) $100.
10. Clarinet in Bb, PRUEFER, c.1910-20, A Clarinet in Bb with a single-piece body. The bell is missing the metal ring around the bottom. It has a wrap- around octave key and is marked L.P. (Low Pitch or A=440). The barrel is stamped Pruefer, but the bell is not. (Our #26657) $100.
Flutina and dancer
Miscellaneous Woodwinds
11. Galoubet, FRENCH, 2nd half 18th century, An unstamped Galoubet or tabor pipe of boxwood. The body is in two sections, with two vent holes in front & one in back. The mouthpiece section is a fipple style. In excellent and playable condition. Overall length 310mm. (Our #24244) $1,200.
12. Pitch Pipe, G. REED, English, 18th century, A recorder-like pitch pipe of walnut marked G. REED. The pitch pipe has a moveable section so that a it can be used to tune a range of notes that are marked on a brass strip pinned to the rosewood slide: F # G # A # B C # D # E F # G # A. Fipple mouthpiece. Length (not extended) is 398mm. Nice beefy turnings and seven triangular incisions in place of inlays. A rare & wonderful pitch pipe by an unrecorded maker. (Our #25063) $2,200.
13. Practice Chanter, GRAINGER, Glasgow, c.1960, A Grainer practice chanter of blackwood with celluloid rings and a plastic reed. The overall length is 18- 9/16". Plays very nicely. Grainger & Campbell (1946-1989) was the firm of George Grainger and Neil Campbell. (Our #23946) $80.
14. Zampogna, ITALIAN, 19th century, Two short drones (right and left hand). They have no keys, and the spacers between the tone holes are made of large rounded brass tacks. Overall lengths: 570mm and 446mm. Sold as a pair. (Our #24099) $400.
15. Zampogna Chanter, ITALIAN, 19th century, This zampogna has makerís name. It could be made of chestnut, but itís hard to tell. Overall length is 750mm. There is one key with a rather rudimentary spring mechanism and missing the key-cover. (Our #24098) $650.
16. Zampogna Chanters, ITALIAN, 1st half 19th century, Two fruitwood chanters from zampogna. The short one is 920mm, and the long one is 1505mm with a single iron key missing the tonehole cover (the long touch is present). The keybox for the long key one has two missing chips at the vented end - missing a piece of wood about 1"x3/4" along the rim. (Our #24722) $1,400.
17. Chanter, SCOTTISH, An unmarked Blackwood chanter with an cream colored sole, but no mouthpiece section. (Our #25065) $200.
18. Smallpipes, SCOTTISH OR NORTH ENGLAND, late 18th century, This set of small pipes has three bone-mounted drones, stocks & blowpipe of laburnum. There is a horn mouthpiece and modern leather bag. There is no chanter and the set requires restoration. (Our #W9201) $1,200.
19. Tabor Pipe, UNMARKED, probably French, mid 18th century, The fruitwood/boxwood tabor has integral turned rings & an onion shaped fipple on a one piece body. There are two top tone holes and one register hole in the back. The fipple mouthpiece section has a brass repair insert in the windway. Length: 307mm. The hand drum hashas a 8-3/4" skin head and a darkly painted tin rim which is 2-1/2" deep. There are wooden tension hoops and missing string tensioners. Condition: Numerous repairs and worm damage to the tension hoops, one of which we have only half in fragments. (Our #23414) $1,500.
20. Recorder, MOECK, Rottenburgh Alto model 239, This Moeck recorder has a maple body and is exellent condition with the original case. (Our #25312) $225.
21. Recorder, Bass, MOLLENHAUER, Bass Recorder, Fulda, Germany, 1976-77, This Mollenhauer bass recorder is made of pearwood with three brass keys and a brass bocal. Baroque fingering, with a single low C/F key (not separate keys for low C# and F#). In near mint condition with the original case. (Our #28332) $500.
Sold As-Is Woodwinds
22. Clarinet in Bb, WEYMANN, Varsity, c.1940s, Most of a Boehm system grenadilla clarinet in Bb with nickel-silver keys. Is is missing the bridge mechanism from the top joint to the bottom joint, and has a non-original bell stamped G. PENZEL/NEW YORK/Professional. No barrel, no case, and the body/keys need overhaul (cleaning, pads, corks, springs). (Our #25052) $100.