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American Flutes
1. AMERICAN, c.1850, A cocuswood flute in the key of D, with one flat round key and nickel rings at the joints. The sounding length is 525mm. There is a long headjoint crack opposite the embouchure hole, as well as a hairline crack in the third joint. It is missing the ring at the bottom of the foot joint. Needs new joint wraps and keypad. (Our #24672) $250.
2. AMERICAN, c.1830, A rare side blown flute in F, probably made by Firth, Hall & Pond, of boxwood with one round key, and integrally turned rings in the boxwood. Requires restoration and the key and its touch are missing. Overall length is 500mm. (Our #23454) $300.
3. AMERICAN OR GERMAN, c.1830, An unmarked flute of stained fruitwood with bone rings and a single brass saltspoon key. There are two fine cracks in the head joint, and two of the original bone rings are gone - one replaced with an ill fitting non-original ring. The sounding length is 522mm. (Our #24669) $225.
4. AMERICAN, PROBABLY, c.1850, A keyless maple Walking Stick Flute with a turned maple end cap. It is missing the ferrule at the top, which was probably silver and likely became a child’s plaything or a napkin rings or some such. The body has decorative ring turnings in the stick below the flute body. Overall length is 886mm, and the sounding length is 354mm. (Our #24681) $2,500.
5. C. G. CHRISTMAN, 1837-51, A boxwood flute with four nickel saltspoon shaped keys on block mounts. The head joint and barrel are lined, with a tuning slide. The flue is marked: (unicorn device)/ C.G. CHRISTMAN/404 PEARL ST/NEW YORK; and the barrel is stamped "Patent". The metal slide liner is a bit loose in the head, and the joints need new string wraps. In terms of cracks: there is one fine 3mm crack in barrel joint from the bottom edge just below the Christman mark, and one fine 3-1/2" crack in head joint starting at the cap end on the player’s side (not through the embouchure). The sounding length is 526mm. (Our #22899) $900.
6. CHABRIER PELOUBET, c.1836-60, A boxwood flute with double turned rings, and four German silver keys with round covers on block mounts. It is marked: C. PELOUBET/ NEW YORK/FACTORY/BLOOMFIELD/N.J.; the head joint is also stamped GER. SILVER. We have not found any cracks, but it is missing the end cap and needs new corks and pads. Sounding length is 528 mm and seems to be pitched about A (Our #23841) $750.
7. FIRTH, HALL & POND, c.1835, A boxwood flute with nice original rings and eight silver salt-spoon keys (one touch is missing) with C & C# keys. It is marked FIRTH HALL & POND/FRANKLIN SQ./N-YORK/1217 There is a crack through the head opposite the embouchure. The barrel is cracked with old glue in the crack and there is a ½" area of wood loss at the end of the tenon. The end-cap is missing and two rings are damaged. Total length is 658mm, and sounding length is 590mm. (Our #26462) $500.
8. FIRTH, HALL & POND, STYLE OF, c.1840, A boxwood flute originally made with bone rings at the joints. Two of the bone rings have been replaced with pewter rings. One nickel saltspoon key. Very pretty turning work. There are four small cracks at the base of the head joint (with old glue filler), and one crack at the top of the third joint with old glue filler. Sounding length is 531mm. This will require restoration to be playable. (Our #24680) $300.
9. GEIB, J., A. & W., c.1820, An attractive boxwood flute with one brass key with a flat square cover. The flute is marked: GEIB/23/MAIDEN LANE/NEW YORK (the NEW YORK stamped upside down). Twin brothers John and Adam and their brother William were the sons of organ builder John Geib). The flute is missing the end cap, but has no cracks we’ve been able to find, and it will need new string wraps and pad. Sounding length is 526mm. (Our #24096) $850.
10. GEIB, JOHN, 1818-1829, A stained boxwood flute with six nickel saltspoon keys (one is missing the touch) and very nice rings. The period head joint is not original but is by Firth, Pond & Co., NY and fits well though it is missing the end cap. The flute is marked: GEIB/203 Maiden Lane/ New York; head joint is stamped: FIRTH POND & Co/N York/ Sages / 200 Main St/ Buffalo. Sounding length is 529mm. (Our #24664) $600.
11. JOHN D. DOUGLASS, c.1835-39, A boxwood flute with four square brass keys (one is missing). The flute is marked: on all the joints: J. D. DOUGLASS/ UTICA. There are two minor tenon cracks and it is missing two rings. The sounding length is 534mm, and the overall length is 607mm. (Our #24666) $850.
12. JOHN GEIB, c.1815, A boxwood flute with one brass key-which may be a very old replacement for the original. Marked on all the joints: stamp: Geib/ 23 Maiden Lane/New York. There no cracks that we’ve found and the rings are nice and original. The sounding length is 520mm, and it plays at approximately A (Our #22442) $950.
13. KLEMM & BRO, c.1860-80, (Our #23843) $750.
14. KLEMM & BRO., 1820-90, A cocuswood flute with eight nickel keys, the C and C# keys with pewter plugs. The flute is marked: KLEMM & BRO/ -IN-/ PHILADELPHIA. The rings and embouchure band are of nickel. The headjoint and barrel are cracked, and there is a crack in the third joint. Also, some of the keys are loose on their pivots. The sounding length is 580mm. (Our #24692) $450.
15. MEINELL, WILLIAM R., c.1915, A grenadilla flute with ten nickel keys including a low B key. The flute is marked: W.MEINELL/Manufacturer/New York. The metal lining in the head joint has slipped out of alignment and one key touch is broken off & missing. The barrel is cracked and it is missing one ring. It is quite filthy too, but by a fine American maker and worthy of restoring. Overall length is 640mm. (Our #23427) $300.
16. PELOUBET, CHABRIER, 1829-36, A boxwood flute with one silver square key. There is a two-inch crack at the tenon end of the head joint, a very old repaired crack in the foot joint (not through the tone hole). The tenon at the top of the foot joint is broken up. Also, the end cap and the rings of the top joint and bottom of the foot joint are missing (it has the center joint ring and end foot ring). The sounding length is 527mm. (Our #24671) $550.
17. ROHE, JOSEPH ANTON, 1840-63, A boxwood flute with, rounded horn rings and one circular brass key (missing the touch). One of the rings is warped and another is missing on the foot joint. Surely high pitched with a sounding length of 527mm. (Our #24679) $400.
18. SONNTAG, HERMAN, 1856-90, A cocuswood flute in F with six nickel keys. Overall complete and in very good condition. There is a hairline embouchure crack, and the tuning slide may be stuck. It also needs new pads and corks. Sounding length is 445mm. (Our #23457) $350.
19. THOMAS WEYGANDT, Unstained boxwood, iv. rings, three sections with a separate head and tuning barrel, C-foot, four nickel silver keys in block mounts with flat key covers, fully lined head joint. Condition notes: the end cap is missing, the barrel is cracked, the ring on the foot joint is cracked, the tuning slide is frozen and it needs new pads and string wraps. Otherwise, the instrument is not warped and is in otherwise very nice condition.. (Our #32165) $750.
20. WILLIAM HALL, c.1840, A cocuswood flute in 4 joints with one nickel-silver key We’ve found no cracks in the wood, but the two middle rings are cracked. Sounding length is 526mm and plays about A (Our #23840) $450.
21. ZOGBAUM, FERDINAND, c.1860-70, A cocuswood flute with six nickel keys & nickel rings. The flute is marked: (bee device)/F. ZOGBAUM/IN/NEW YORK/(monogram). The head is cracked, and the barrel is cracked in two places. Some of the keys are loose on their pivots. The sounding length is 526mm. (Our #24668) $300.
22. ZOGBAUM, FERDINAND, 1854-80, (Our #24689) $375.
European Flutes
23. CLEMENTI & COMPY, 1802-03, A flute of stained boxwood with integral turned rings at the joints instead of separate bone or metal rings. The flute is marked: CLEMENTI & COMPY/No 26 Cheapside/London. Small original unaltered tone holes, with one flat square brass key. There is a 1.5cm crack at the bottom of the head. Sounding length is 536mm, and overall length is 620mm. (Our #24670) $750.
24. ENGLISH, c.1800, A boxwood flute with one square brass key. Marked simply with a unicorn device. Sounding length is 538mm. (Our #24685) $1,000.
25. GERMAN, c.1890-1900, A grenadilla flute with eleven nickel keys and B-foot. The restoration work required to put this in playable condition will include: freeing the frozen tuning barrel (but then the tuning barrel will operate!), fixing a crack through the embouchure in the lined head joint, and repairing a crack in the barrel. New pads and joint wraps would also be a fine idea. Sounding length is 642mm. (Our #26654) $145.
26. GERMAN, c.1910, An unstamped grenadilla flute with ten nickel keys, and a low B foot. It is missing one ring and the end cap. The head and barrel are cracked (but not through embouchure), and the touch for the low B key is missing. Sounding length is 625mm. (Our #23431) $180.
27. GERMAN, c.1900, AGerman 8 key rosewood flute with nickel-silver keys, and a fully lined head joint. It is missing the ring at the center joint, and the tuning barrel is frozen. Also, the headjoint is cracked, and it needs pads and corks. Sounding length 585mm. With a nice but not original unfitted black case. (Our #31726) $200.
28. GERMAN, STAMPED BRUNO, c. 1890, A grenadilla flute with nickel keys and a C-foot. The head joint and barrel are lined, but the lining in the head has slipped out of alignment a bit and the tuning slide is frozen. The head joint and barrel are cracked at the back. The key springs react well and it has fresh looking pads (two need replacing). The bottom end cap is loose. Sounding length is 600mm. (Our #26653) $200.
29. METZLER, c.1825, An ebony flute with eight block mounted silver saltspoon keys and wide silver rings. The flute is marked: METZLER/LONDON, and the foot joint is stamped PATENT. The stamps on the head and barrel are very nearly worn off but it probably had a 105 Wardour st address on the barrel. None of the keys are missing or replaced, and the same goes for the blocks and rings. The head joint is fully. There are two cracks each in the head joint and the tuning barrel, but none through the embouchure hole. There is one small crack at the top of the middle body joint, and the end cap is probably not original. The sounding length is 583mm. (Our #24095) $850.
30. MONZANI & CO., 1822-1833, A lovely Monzani cocuswood flute eight block-mounted silver keys and wide silver ferrules. The rings and keys are hallmarked. The upper middle joint is marked: HILL-LATE/ MONZANI & Co. 28 REGENT Ste// PICCADILLY/ LONDON/ 3203; the lower joint is marked: MONZANI & Co. & below: PATENT. This flute has two headjoints, both have nice & functional adjustable end corks for intonation One head joint has a tuning slide and is fully lined. The barrel section is also lined from the top down to the tenon. However, the lining does not extend into the tenon itself. There is a crack in the barrel section that extends through the tenon. The upper body joint has a very faint superficial hairline crack at the back side of the upper end - it does not go through the wall. The lower body joint has a faint superficial hairline crack at the top end but it does not go through the wall and does not intersect a tone hole. Two of the pivot pins in the lower section are replaced with functional but non-original pins. This flute is in a particularly fine state. It does need new pads and joint wraps and reapirs to the minor cracks noted. Original, though worn original case is included. The total length is 671mm, and the sounding length is 592mm. (Our #28497) $2,500.
Boehm System & Variants
31. ALFRED G. BADGER, c.1880, A Boehm-system flute of grenadilla with a cylindrical body/bore with silver keywork, C-foot, closed G#, and an ebonite headjoint with raised lip-plate. The rollers for the keys on the foot joint are of ebonite. Inspired by the flutes of Boehm & Mendler, this flute is engraved on the upper tenon: A.G.BADGER/MAKER NY. Another Badger flute with the name similarly engraved is illustrated on p.17 in David Shorey's 1983 Catalogue of Historic Flutes. In the original leather-covered case, which contains the original ebonite tenon caps. Sounding length is 590mm and plays about A (Our #26668) $2,000.
32. GERMAN, c.1890, An unmarked Boehm system flute of grenadilla with an open G# key and C-foot. In the style of Boehm & Mendler. Closed silver plated keywork. There is a two centimeter hairline crack at the base of the head joint. Sounding length is 607mm. (Our #25102) $800.
33. DANIEL, c.1880-90, A Grenadilla piccolo that is likely in Eb, though it is presently too leaky and missing end cap to guage pitch. Originally sold by Penzel Muller in NYC The piccolo has five nickel keys and very small tone holes, with a fully lined head joint. The end cap is missing and the headjoint is cracked at the back side. The barrel is also cracked. Also, the tuning slide is frozen (it rotates, but doesn’t pull open). Sounding length is 245mm. Ragged original case is included. (Our #23353) $75.
34. ENGLISH, mid 19th century, A cocuswood piccolo with the body in two joints, with one round nickel saltspoon key, and three nickel rings (the end-ring & cap absent). The head joint is cracked and the crack passes through the embouchure hole. Sounding length is 250mm. (Our #24696) $60.