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Double Bell Euphonium Player
American Alto Horns
1. Alto Horn, John F. Stratton, New York, 1895-1912, The body of brass with three piston valves that have pearl caps over knurled buttons. It is missing the cup/cover of the water key. The bell show that it has been previously straightened and there are three cracks in the metal. The uppermost section of the tubing also has ruptures and is fragile. The bell is stamped: JOHN F. STRATTON/MAKER/NEW YORK. (Our #22574) $200.
2. Alto Horn, Joseph Bohmann, Chicago, c.1890, Joseph Bohmann was a Czech stringed instrument maker who emigrated to America in 1873. His company continued in business into the 1920s. The body of this horn is of brass with 3 piston valves. The bell is prettily engravd with a pair of birds, and the bell diameter is 7-3/4". (Our #22754) $250.
3. Solo Alto Horn, Fritz Horst, Altona (Hamburg), c. 1900, The body of this bell front alto horn is brass with German silver ferrules and brackets. There are 3 piston valves. The bell has dents and restoration is needed to make it playable. (Our #24919) $450.
4. Solo Alto Horn, M. SLATER, New York, c.1900, The body of this bell-front alto horn is made of nickel plated brass with 3-piston valves. It is in playable condition with nice recent repairs. (Our #24920) $700.
American Baritone Horns
5. Baritone Horn, M. SLATER, New York, 1880s, The body of this baritone horn is of brass with 3 piston valves. Restoration is needed in order to make it playable. (Our #24925) $300.
6. Bugle, ENGLISH, c.1920-40, An unstamped military style bugle. The body is copper with a brass bell garland, lead pipe and guard. The lead pipe is bent and split. (Our #24927) $75.
7. Bugle, Hawkes & Son, London, 1889-95, The body is made of copper with a brass bell garland, lead section, and mouthpiece. The bell is engraved: CLASS B/ HAWKES & SON/ Denman Street/ Piccadilly Circus/ LONDON. The brass reinforcement on the lower long bend of pipe is separating a bit from the body and needs resoldering. The horn has, minor dents throughout, but is in playable condition. (Our #25104) $150.
8. Bugle, Henry Potter & Co., London, c.1928, The body of copper with a brass bell garland. length-270mm, good condition overall with an original mouthpiece, though with minor dents throughout. The bell is stamped 1928 (possibly the date of manufacture), and the bell is engraved: HENRY POTTER & Co/MAKERS/36.38 WEST St./CHARING +ROAD/LONDON/1/1928. (Our #24461) $150.
9. Bugles, English, This pair of brass & German-silver military bugles both have bell garlands. One has an applied brass emblem depicting a crowned eagle with the initials ER, with a bell diameter of 113mm & overall length of 257mm, in very good condition though with some dents. The second second also has a bit of decoration, a bell diameter of 116mm and overall length of of 245mm. It does have a mouthpiece, but is in a poorer state than the other and has extensive dents. (Our #25761) $150.
10. Keyed Bugle, American, Anon., mid-19th century, A nice 6-key bugle in copper with brass keywork, bell garland & lead-pipe. The overall length is 18- 1/2", and the bell diameter is: 6-1/8". This bugle looks forward to being in a better state of reservation. It is overall good but has one touch broken off at end (the second key in from the bell) It also needs a good thorough clean-up & pads. The overall tubing length is about 49.5". (Our #26039) $2,000.
Cornet Portrait
Cornets & Related Small Brass
11. Cornet, Henry Lehnert, Philadelphia, 1890s, The brass body is silver-plated with 3 piston valves (they are marked 16-17-18), and the bell is engraved H.LEHNERT/ PHILA. with extensive foliate decoration. There are sine, dents, a good bit of finish wear, and it is missing one piston touch. (Our #23993) $300.
12. Cornet in Bb, J. W. PEPPER, Philadelphia, The brass shepherd’s crook body is silver-plated, with 3 piston valves. There are a few old dents. A mouthpiece is included, but no lead pipe or case. (Our #24936) $250.
13. Cornet in Bb, William Seefeldt, Philadelphia, c.1890, Brass body with no bell garland and 3 piston valves (marked 85-86/3-87). The bell is marked with a simple round stamp: W. SEEFELDT PHILA. Two lead pipes and a mouthpiece are included along with the original leather carrying case. The horn needs a bit of soldering but is in overall very good condition and has no major dents or frozen slides. (Our #29175) $350.
14. Cornet in Bb, William Seefeldt, Philadelphia, c.1890, The body is brass with 3 piston valves. The horn is marked: Made by/Wm.Seefeldt/Phila./3411. The original mouthpiece is marked: J.LEVY'S/ MODEL, & W.SEEFELDT/ MAKER/PHILA). Needs restoration. (Our #23730) $350.
15. Flugelhorn, GAUTROT-MARQUET, Paris, c. 1875, Body has 3 piston valves and with pigtail crook. Requires restoration to be playable. (Our #24937) $300.
Tenor Horns
16. Horn, Tenor, M. Slater, New York, 1875-1888, A restoration project for someone industrious. The horn is stamped: M.SLATER/ MAKER/ 42 CORTLANDT ST/ NEW YORK. The body is brass with 3 piston valves. Overall length is 25" and bell diameter is 9 3/4". Original mouthpiece included. (Our #23616) $250.
Household Helicon
17. Tuba in Eb, HENRY LEHNERT, Philadelphia, 1880s, The body is plated in German silver with three piston valves (looks like brass in the photos, but it just needs a good polish). The collar at the water valve opening (metting the key cover) is missing, There is also some denting to the bell. The tubing shows neat work of seame as opposed to spun or swaged work. Engraved: MANUFACTURED/BY/H.LEHNERT/PHILA. The overall length is 30" and bell diameter is 12". (Our #24944) $650.
Other Brass
18. Horn, Antoine Courtois, Paris, 1921-30s, An interesting horn that is something of a mystery. The horn is silver-plated with three coils that are about 13- 1/4" in diameter with an overall height of 17-1/16" and bell diameter of 10-1/2". Given the evidence of repairs-including soldering along the tubing and in the area where the present lead joins the coil, as well as a 5x1/2" patch on the inside of the bell-this horn may have started out as one thing and been modified into something else. The bell garland is engraved: ANTOINE COURTOIS FACTEUR DU CONSERVATOIRE 88 RUE DES MARAIS PARIS (XE); and the bell is engraved Gaudet et Deslauriers/ Successeurs. (Our #29022) $800.
19. Hunting Horn, French, c.1800, A rare and wonderful conical boxwood horn with an integral cup mouthpiece & slightly flared bell with a turned lip. The overall length is 350mm, and the bell diameter is 64mm. In the original brown leather fitted conical case. In excellent condition except for a small chip to the edge of the mouthpiece. (Our #22716) $950.